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Azerbaijan Cooperation University

Azerbaijan Cooperation Institute until 2001

Year of establishment: 1964

State Accreditation: According to the decision of the Accreditation Council of ARTN, it was accredited for a period of 5 years as a private higher education institution by the order of the Ministry of Education No. 1361 dated 13.07.2012.

License: by the order of ARTN dated 15.03.2012 No. 411, a license was issued to conduct personnel training at the undergraduate and graduate levels of higher education (registration No. 071001 No. 137).

MultI-profILe UnIversIty

Azerbaijan Cooperation University is a multi-profile leading non-state higher education institution that carries out wide-profile training of specialists at all levels of higher education, additional education programs, and conducts fundamental and applied scientific research.

Azerbaijan Cooperative University was founded in 1964. According to the request of the Government of Azerbaijan and the Board of the Azerbaijan Union, by the decision of the Board of the Central Union of Consumer Societies of the former USSR (Centrosoyuz) dated January 8, 1964, the Moscow Cooperative Institute (MKI) Baku Educational and Consulting Center was created for the first time and admission of students in trade economics and commodity studies majors was conducted.

In 1969, the Baku Training and Counseling Center was transformed into the Baku Correspondence Faculty of Economics of the Central Intelligence Agency, and in 1974, into the Baku branch of the Central Intelligence Agency. In 1975, by the decision of Centrosoyuz, the branch was removed from the MKI and transferred to the Poltava Cooperative Institute of Ukraine. During these years, the branch trained specialists with higher education in 5 specialties, including, for the first time in the republic, in the specialty of economics and organization of the supply of agricultural products.

After our republic gained independence, the Baku branch of the Moscow Cooperative Institute (MKI) was transferred to the ownership of Azerittifaq by the decision No. 8 of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Azerbaijan dated January 9, 1992, and by the decision No. 31 of the Board of Directors of the Azerittifaq on March 19, 1993, the base of that branch became independent Azerbaijan Cooperation Institute was established and its Charter was approved. When the institute was established, it had 2 faculties and 6 departments.

By the order of the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan, master’s training has been carried out at the University since 1997.

According to the order issued by the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, national leader of our people Heydar Aliyev No. 391 dated August 30, 2000, according to the proposal of the Union of Azerbaijan and the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan, with the approval of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Azerbaijan, the profile of the institute was expanded and on May 3, 2011, Azerbaijan Cooperation University was established, its Charter was registered by the Ministry of Justice on May 8, 2002, and State Registration Certificate No. 46 was issued.

nAfter the establishment of the Azerbaijan Cooperation University, consistent and purposeful work was carried out in the direction of strengthening its material and technical base, improving the composition of professors and teachers, expanding the number of specialties trained, and improving the level of education. The total area of the educational building is 10,500 square meters. meter. In addition, according to the order of the Chairman of the Board of Azerittifaq No. F-16 dated August 16, 2011, 2000 (two thousand) square meters from the 4th and 5th floors of the Baku Business and Cooperation College were made available to the University. the teaching area is separated.

Currently, staff training at the bachelor, master and doctoral levels is being conducted at the University. In 8 faculties of the university, students study 19 specialties in Azerbaijani and Russian languages in full-time and part-time form. The university has 20 departments, more than 50 laboratories and subject offices, 4 computer laboratories, a library and reading room with a book fund of more than 30,000 copies, a printing house, a medical center, a gym, a catering establishment, and archives. 17 professors, 112 associate professors and candidates of sciences (doctors of philosophy), 96 senior teachers and assistants work to train students as highly qualified specialists. The organization of teaching and extracurricular training is carried out by the teaching – support staff and tutor service consisting of 86 people.

Azerbaijan Cooperation University closely cooperates with cooperation higher education institutions of CIS countries, as well as universities of USA, Turkey, Baltic countries. Due to its achievements in the field of education, this educational institution was awarded the Grand Prix of the International Marketing Institute of the USA in 1998. The university has contractual obligations on teacher-student exchange with higher education institutions of Turkey, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Georgia and other countries.

After the adoption of the Law of the Republic of Azerbaijan on Education in 2009, on January 21, 2011, the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic approved the Model Charter of the Higher Education Institution, and on December 7, 2011, Azerbaijan Cooperation University was registered in the the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

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