Management and Commerce ChaIr

Vasif Balakhan oglu Haziyev – head of the “Management and trade” chair of Azerbaijan Cooperation University, associate professor

The “Management and Trade” chair, being the leading and graduating chair of Azerbaijan Cooperation University, prepares specialists in “Management” specialties at the bachelor level and “Management” at the master level. The chair was first established as the “Economy of Trade and Cooperation”. During the past period, chairs in various directions were formed from the mentioned department. Finally, in connection with the structural reforms carried out for the purpose of effective management and organization of teaching in the university, it started functioning as the “Management and Trade” chair on 01.03.2008. Currently, the teaching staff of the chair consists of 9 people. 3 of them are associate professors, 3 are PhDs in economics, and 3 are senior teachers. With the participation of the chair’s employees, new subject programs, textbooks and teaching aids are developed in accordance with the changes in educational standards in connection with the ongoing social, economic and political development in our country. Employees of the chair prepare new subject syllabuses (work-study program) in accordance with the requirements of the time, lecture texts and other materials are constantly updated. At the same time, appropriate measures are taken for the successful completion of the industrial and pre-diploma experience, State Attestation for graduation course students. In the last 10 years, the teaching staff has published a total of 5 textbooks and teaching aids, 2 methodological aids, 19 programs, more than 130 scientific articles, 3 monographs, and 50 theses. 5 of the articles and abstracts were published in foreign countries. The scientific reports prepared by the students under the guidance of the employees of our chair are reported in our university and other universities, and they are awarded diplomas and awards accordingly. The programs for the subjects taught in the chair are reworked and published in accordance with the changes in educational standards. The curriculum, textbooks, teaching aids, methodical materials and lecture texts for all subjects taught in the chair of “Management and Trade” have been collected in the University’s extensive library base and made available to students. Constantly updated lecture materials, educational programs and syllabi (working – educational program) for all subjects are placed on the internal network of the university, so students can freely use those materials.

Assoc.professor Haziyev Vasif Balakhan oglu (head of the chair) Associate Professor Aliyeva Yasemen Ali gizi Associate Professor Aliyev Mushravan Ali oglu Ph.D. in Economy Maharramov Eldeniz Mazahir oglu Ph.D. in Economy Hasanova Nazakat Rafiq gizi Ph.D. in Economy Bahramov Aydin Etibar oglu Head teacher Huseynova Khavar Abdulmacid gizi Head teacher Rzayev Mehman Agababa oglu Head teacher Mehbaliyeva Asya Khalid gizi

Fundamentals of Management
Personnel Management
Economics of Trade and Cooperation
International Management
Strategic Management
Theories of Management
Innovation Management
Corporate Governance
Corporate Management
Human Resource Management
Management Decisions
Quality Management
Labor Economics
Operations Management
Quality Management
Hotel Management
Social Work Management

Modern problems of management
History and methodology of management
Human resource management
Anti-crisis management in enterprises
Innovation management
International hotel management
Modern management theory
Economics of management
Operations management
Project management system
Communication management