Ecology and Geography ChaIr

Kocheri Shamil oglu Allahverdiyev – Head of the chair of Ecology and Geography of Azerbaijan Cooperation University, Candidate of Geography Sciences, Associate Professor.

Allahverdiyev Kochari Shamil oglu was born on June 21, 1956 in Yukhari Abdurrahmanli village of Fuzuli district. In 1980, he graduated from the Faculty of Geography of Baku State University with a degree in geography. In 1980-2002, he worked in various scientific positions at the Institute of Geography of the MEA. In 1983, he entered the correspondence postgraduate course at the Institute of Geography, majoring in physical geography, geochemistry and geophysics of landscapes. In 1983-1987, he continued his scientific activities in correspondence post-graduate studies. In 1990, he defended his thesis on “Qualitative evaluation of the landscapes of the southeastern part of the Lesser Caucasus for the purpose of rational use” and received the degree of candidate of sciences. Since this period, he has carried out independent scientific research reports in accordance with the scientific research work plan at the Institute of Geography. Among those reports, he closely participated in the implementation of complex research works on the landscapes of the Greater Caucasus and the Lesser Caucasus. Since 2004, he has been working as a senior lecturer at Azerbaijan Cooperation University. Since 2008, he has been awarded the scientific title of associate professor by the Higher Attestation Commission.

As a result of the above-mentioned scientific reports and independent research works, the following works were published:

1. Environmental economics. Baku, 2006.
2. The basics of landscape science. Baku, 2008.
3. Hydrology. Baku, 2008.
4. Basics of geomorphology. Baku, 2014.
5. Physical geography of the Caucasus. Baku, 2019.
6. Physical-geographic research methods. Baku, 2022.
7. Qualitative evaluation of the mountain-meadow landscape of the south-eastern part of the Lesser Caucasus for its rational use. Baku, 2022.

At the same time, more than 60 scientific articles were published in various scientific journals, republican and international important conference materials and symposiums. He closely participates in the preparation of students at the bachelor degree in geography at Baku State University. Since 2021, he has been working as the head of the chair of Ecology and Geography at the Azerbaijan Cooperation University. At the Azerbaijan Cooperation University he continues his scientific activities in the preparation of qualified personnel and masters in the field of ecology and geography. At the same time, he directs the implementation of scientific research works of the department in accordance with the scientific research work plan of the university. He was also an opponent of many PhDs in geography.

The chair “Ecology and Geography” was established in June 2001 at ACU on the basis of the “Customs” chair.

Head of the department: Allahverdiyev Kochari Shamil oglu, candidate of geography sciences, associate professor.
The potential of the department: full-time professor – teaching staff – 12 people, 3 associate professors, 4 head teachers, 3 teachers, 2 laboratory assistants.
The specialty that the department conducts personnel training at the bachelor’s level of education: 050506 – “Geography 050510- “Ecology”
The chair conducts personnel training at the master level of education: 050506 – “Geography 050510- “Ecology”

Textbooks and teaching aids prepared at the chair:
1. Economy of nature use. Baku, 2010
2. Foreign economic relations of Azerbaijan, Baku, 2013
3. Social and economic geographical civilization. Baku, 2003
4. General ecology. Baku, 2013
5. Metrology and Climatology. Baku, 2006
6. Basics of landscape science. Baku, 2006
7. Basics of hydrology. Baku, 2014
8. Basics of cartography. Baku, 2006
9. Basics of geomorphology. Baku, 2014
10. Integration of the Republic of Azerbaijan into regional countries. Baku, 2016
11. Agricultural geography of Azerbaijan. Baku, 2011
12. Physical geography of the Caucasus. Baku, 2019
13. Research methods of physical geography. Buckle, 2021
14. Environmental economics. Baku, 2019

Scientific research works of the chair:
Research is currently being conducted on the topic “Problems of economic development of the Absheron-Khizi economic region”. The results of the research were submitted in the form of a scientific article to be published in the scientific practical journal of the Azerbaijan Cooperation University “Kooperasiya”. 1. Creation of special economic zones and geographical features of territorial organization in Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic. It was published in the scientific and practical magazine of Azerbaijan Cooperation University “Kooperasiya”. 2021, No. 1 2. Development directions of agricultural fields in Guba-Khachmaz economic region. It was published in the scientific and practical magazine of Azerbaijan Cooperation University “Kooperasiya”. 2021, No.

Allahverdiyev Kochari Shamil oglu – assistant professor
Gurbanzade Aghazeynal Ali oglu – professor
Ismayilov Jabbar Isfandiyar oglu – assistant professor
Mahmudova Ulker Khalil gizi – assistant professor
Huseynova Saadat Aslan gizi – senior teacher
Kazimova Sevinj Elman gizi – senior teacher
Macidova Lala Rasim gizi – head teacher
Sadikhova Nigar Abdul Aziz gizi – teacher
Yunuszade Humay Ahmadaga gizi – teacher
Balakhanova Gumru Vasif gizi – teacher
Jahangirova Mansura Shiri gizi – chief laboratory assistant
Mammadova Gunel Goca gizi – chief laboratory assistant

Environmental economics.
General ecology.
Biosphere and its protection.
Political geography.
Geography of Azerbaijan.
Economic geography of the world.
Economic geography of CIS countries.
Geographical ecology.
Landscape ecology.
Global problems of geography.
Physical geographical research methods.
Animal ecology.
Ecological characteristics and protection of the biosphere.
Ecological research methods.
Environmental management.
Sustainable management of natural resources.
Ecological cartography and geographic information system.
Man, environment and sustainable development.
Industrial ecology.
Landscape science and landscape ecology.
Household ecology.
Environmental monitoring.
Biodiversity and its protection.
Forestry and forest ecology.
Plant ecology.
Environmental expertise and design.
Environmental situation and problems of Azerbaijan.
Ecology of waters and the Caspian Sea.
General ecology (for non-specialists).
Geography of international tourism.
Basics of earth sciences.
Environmental management.
Environmental analysis and risks.
Environmental chemistry.
Engineer geodesy.
Economy of nature use.
Geography of tourism.
Fundamentals of human development and ecological civilization.
Basics of environmental chemistry and toxicology.
Environmental biotechnology.
Meteorology and climatology.
Air and water quality, pollution and protection.
Soil science.

Geography of infrastructure areas.
Geography of industry.
Economic geographic expertise.
Modern problems of ecology.
Territorial organization of animal husbandry and environmental protection.
Geography of trade.
Urbanization process and geography of cities in Azerbaijan.
Geography of service areas.
Organization of ecological business.
Environmental problems caused by the fuel energy complex.
Territorial organization of the society.
Field research.
Modern problems of geography.
Environmental problems of efficient use of natural resources.
History and methodology of geographical science.
Basics of regional policy and management.
Geography of investment in K/t.
Environmental monitoring.
Actual problems of ecological tourism and product production in the agricultural field.
Agrochemistry and environmental protection.
K/t and agro-industrial complex.
Regional economic, social and ecological geography of nature use.
Environmental problems of the chemical and petrochemical industry.
Processing of environmental waste.
Environmental problems arising from the use of K/t lands.
Environmental problems arising from the development of agriculture.