ChaIr of EconomIcs and Tax AffaIr

Elnara Nabi gizi Ahmadova – Head of the “Economics and Tax Affairs” chair of Azerbaijan Cooperation University, Doctor of Philosophy in Economics, Associate Professor.

Ahmadova Elnara Nabi gizi was born on June 8, 1983 in the village of Hallavar, Gugark region of Western Azerbaijan. In 1990, She went to the first grade at school No. 57 of Narimanov district in Baku city. She graduated from high school in 2000, and in 2001-2005 she studied at the “Accounting and Auditing” faculty of the “Finance and Accounting” faculty of the Azerbaijan Cooperation University. During her studies, she participated in a number of scientific conferences and was selected for her activity in events held at the university. In 2005-2007, she got a master degree degree in “Accounting and Audit” at the Master Department of Azerbaijan Cooperation University and graduated with honors. She is married and has 4 children.

In 2007, she became a doctoral student at Azerbaijan Cooperation University. In 2007, she started working as a teacher at Azerbaijan Cooperation University. In 2016, BSU, Azerbaijan State Agrarian University. She defended her dissertation work on “The main directions of improving management accounting and analysis in the processing areas of ASK” in the specialized Scientific Council established under the Azerbaijan Cooperation University and was awarded “Doctor of Philosophy in Economics” by the decision of the Higher Attestation Commission under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan on March 10, 2017 05K received the title of scientific degree. In 2018, she was elected as the head of the “Economics and Tax Affairs” chair.

In 2002-2007, head teacher A.A.Mammadov headed the chair, which was created under the name “Economic analysis and price” in 2002. In 2007/2010, the chair operated under the name “Tax and Statistics”. in 2007/2008. K. A. Huseynov was in charge of the chair. In 2008/2018, he started to work as a head of the chair. Since 2018, the chair of “Economics and tax work” has been headed by E.N.Ahmedova. In 2010/2011, it operated under the name of “Economics and analysis”, in 2011/2016, it operated under the name of “Economics and tax work”. Since 2016, in connection with the merger of the “Economic Theory” department, the department has been renamed “Economic Theory and Economics”. Since April 2018, the department has been operating under the name “Economics and Tax Affairs”. The department provides services for “Economics” and “Sustainable Development Management” specialties. Currently, the programs of all the subjects taught in the chair were compiled by the teachers of the chair and published by the relevant order of the Ministry of Education. Teachers participate in scientific conferences held at various universities of the republic, publish articles and theses in conference materials in various magazines. The teachers of the chair conduct lectures and seminars based on the approved teaching-calendar plan, lead master dissertation works, industrial practices and coursework. Currently, the faculty of the chair consists of 8 people. 6 of them are PhDs in economics, 3 of them are docents, 2 are substitute docents, 2 are senior teachers.
For the years 2021-2025, the “Evaluation of the management mechanism in the field of consumer goods market development in the modern era and directions for its improvement” research work is being carried out in the chair “Economy and Taxation”.

According to the plan of scientific research work approved for 2021-2025, the employees of the “Economy and tax work” chair will perform scientific research work on the following topics:

Evaluation of the management mechanism in the field of consumer goods market development in the modern era and directions for its improvement. 2021-2025, Leader: i.f.d, dos. E.N.Ahmedova

Features of the application of the tax system in the development of the regions of Azerbaijan and its state regulation. 2021-2025, associate professor V.B. Mirzayev, i.f.d Assoc. E.N.Ahmadova.

Analysis and evaluation of management of financial economic activity of economic subjects. 2021-2025 yen, assistant. E.A. Hajiyev.

The role of financial analysis in assessing the economic development of regions and improving its methodology. 2021-2025, i.ü.f.d F.Q.Amrahov

Analysis of the formation of capital resources and their use in the enterprise. 2021-2025, i.u.f.d E.A. Mammadov.

The role of investment processes in the social and economic development of the regions of Azerbaijan and the state mechanism of investment regulation. 2021-2025, b/m Sh.R. Dadashova

Associate professor Ahmedova Elnara Nabigizi (head of the chair)
Associate professor Mirzayev Vilayat Badir oglu
Associate professor Kazimov Rabbi Nadir oglu
Associate professor Hajiyev Emil Ahmadovich
Associate professor Amrahov Fariz Gasim oglu
Head teacher Hajiyev Fuad Ogtay oglu
Head teacher Dadashova Shahirakhanim Rasim gizi
Teacher Aliyeva Sevda Elshan gizi

Economy of Azerbaijan
Economy of the enterprise
Economy of the firm
Taxes and taxation
Tax administration
Economic analysis
Management analysis
Analysis of financial statements
Economy of winemaking enterprises
Modern management technologies
Legal basis of sustainable development

Enterprise economy
Material and technical support of the enterprise
Strategic road map of the economy of Azerbaijan
State mechanism for ensuring sustainable development
Strategic planning of the national economy Economy of the state sector
Regional policy of the state
Problems of effective socio-economic development of Azerbaijan
Strategic plan of enterprise activity
Economic development and economic growth
Analysis of state income and expenses
Economic in enterprises analysis
Financial analysis
Technical financial analysis
National economy development problems
Management of production resources
Sustainable competitiveness strategy
Taxation in enterprises