EducatIon Department

Vahid Vagif oglu Garayev – Head of the Education Department of Azerbaijan Cooperation University

Vahid Vagif oghlu Garayev was born on August 12, 1975 in Galeybugurd village of Shamakhi district. In 1992, he graduated from the Galeybugurd village secondary school, entered the Baku branch of the Moscow Cooperative Institute (now Azerbaijan Cooperative University) majoring in “Economics and management of agro-industrial complex areas”, and successfully graduated from the university in 1996.
Since 2001, he has been working as an inspector of the “Educational Department” at the Azerbaijan Cooperation University, and since 2004 he has been working as a scientific-pedagogist at the “Economic Theory” department, and he is currently an associate professor of that department.
In 2012-2015, Vahid Garayev was the deputy dean at the “Management” faculty, in 2015-2018 at the “World Economy and Commerce” faculty, in 2018-2020 he was the head of the “Business and Management” department at Baku Business and Cooperation College, 2020 – Since 2010, he has been working as the head of the “Teaching Department” of the Azerbaijan Cooperation University.
In 2012, Vahid Garayev defended his thesis on “Development and improvement of agricultural market management in the conditions of globalization” and received a PhD in economics, and in 2016 he was awarded the title of associate professor by the Higher Attestation Commission under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan. He is the author of 1 teaching manual, 1 methodical manual, more than 30 scientific articles, theses and educational programs.
He is married and has 2 children.

The Teaching Department of the Azerbaijan Cooperation University is a structural unit that was created according to the Rector’s Order No. 38 dated March 6, 1993, and performs the function of leading, coordinating and controlling the planning and organization of the educational process, its material and methodological support.
In its activities, the educational department follows the Constitution of the Republic of Azerbaijan, the Law of the Republic of Azerbaijan “On Education”, the State Strategy for the Development of Education in the Republic of Azerbaijan, the University Charter, the decisions of the University Scientific Council, the “Regulation on the Educational Department”, as well as the Ministry of Science and Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan, other central is guided by normative legal acts and scientific-methodical recommendations of executive authorities.
The main task of the teaching department is to increase the efficiency of the teaching process. In this direction, it works in connection with all faculties, departments and other structural units of the University and regularly submits reports to the management about the work performed.