FInance and BankIng ChaIr

Elnur Abil oglu Mammadov – Head of the Finance and Banking Chair of Azerbaijan Cooperation University, Doctor of Philosophy in Economics, Deputy Associate Professor

Elnur Abil Mammadov was born in Baku in 1980 in an intellectual family. In 1987-1997, he studied at secondary general education school No. 51 in Baku. Having successfully completed secondary education, he was admitted to the Azerbaijan Cooperation University in 1997, got a bachelor degree in 2001, and a master degree in 2003 with honors. in 2014 he defended his thesis to receive the scientific degree PhD in Economic at the ED 2.42 Combined Dissertation Council operating under the Azerbaijan State Agrarian University.

In 2004, he started scientific-pedagogical activity at Azerbaijan Cooperation University, and in 2005 he was elected to the position of head teacher, and in 2016, he was elected to the position of assistant professor.

In 2009-2011, he was the chairman of the Student Scientific Society at Azerbaijan Cooperation University.

Since 2021, he is a member of the ED 2.42 Joint Dissertation Council 5308.01 – Scientific Seminar on the specialty “General economy” operating under Azerbaijan State Agrarian University and Azerbaijan Cooperation University.

The “Finance and Banking” chair of the Azerbaijan Cooperation University was first organized on February 1, 1993 under the name of the “Accounting and Audit” department on the basis of the “Economics” department. In 1997, the name of the department was “Finance and Statistics”, in 2003 “Finance and Credit”, in 2004 it was defined as “Finance”, and since 2016 it has been called the “Finance and Banking” department. The faculty consists of 16 people, including 1 professor, 5 associate professors, 4 substitute associate professors, 2 head teachers, 4 teachers and 1 head laboratory assistant. The department conducts 14 subjects at the bachelor level and 42 at the master level. Each of the indicated subjects has the necessary program-methodical and literature support.

Currently, the department’s employees are carrying out scientific research work on relevant directions on the topic “Directions for improving the financial system of the Republic of Azerbaijan in the post-pandemic period”. The department has prepared and published 6 textbooks, 4 monographs, many articles in journals included in the international summarizing and indexing systems of periodical scientific publications, and programs on taught subjects, and work in this direction is continued. Employees of the department regularly participate in national and international conferences and symposia, and their numerous articles and theses have been published in various sources, including scientific journals, conference and symposium materials.

Internal number of the department: 012 561 64 30 (153, 154)

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Phd in Economics Mammadov Elnur Abil oglu
Phd in Economics, prof. Atashov Bayali Khanali oglu
Assoc. professor Huseynov Khanoglan Andalif oglu
Assoc.professor Ibrahimov Elshan Ali oglu
Assoc. professor Mammadova Elnura Bunyat gizi
Assoc. professor Sadigov Bulud Jahangir oglu
Assoc. professor Gurbanov Bayramali Shukur oglu
Assoc. professor Zeynalova Ayten Safaralı gizi
Assoc. professor Khalikova Nargiz Shamil gizi
Assoc. professor assisstant Süleymanova Arzu Rahim gizi
Phd in economics Head teacher Mammadova Laman Aydın gizi
Phd in economics Head teacher Hasanli Amal Rasim oglu
Phd in economics Samadzade Ayten Ziyad gizi
Teacher Mehdiyev Zaur Rafiq oglu
Teacher Ismayilova Amira Jabbar gizi
Teacher Mehdizade Narmin Gurban gizi
Head laboratory assistant Mammadova Aygun Tapdig gizi

Finance (in “Finance” specialty)
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Banking (in “Finance” specialty)
Banking (in other specialties)
Financial markets
Insurance business
Budget system
Enterprise finance
Money and banks
International currency-credit relations
State finance
Financial risks management
Corporate finance
Investment management

Management of assets and liabilities
Legal bases of banking activity
Risk management for banks and insurance organizations
Financial control in banks
Risk management in banks
International finance
International financial organizations
International currency and banking activity
State finance
World insurance market
Risk management in stock markets
Investment portfolio management
Corporate finance (Majoring in Finance)
Corporate finance (Majoring in Business Administration (MBA))
Credit products and credit management
Financial markets and institutions
Operational strategies in financial markets
Financial crises
Preparation and presentation of financial statements Financial economics
Financial management Package software in financial management
Financial planning and forecasting
Financial risk management
Modern problems of finance
Central Bank and monetary policy
Monetary theory
Monetary theory and Central Bank activity
Modern banking products and banking services
Modern financial systems
Modern insurance products
Internal control system in enterprises
Risk management in enterprises
Securities market
Securities trading and financial markets
Legal bases of insurance activity
Insurance management
Financial control in insurance companies
Customer relationship management in insurance companies
Risk management in insurance companies
Balance of payments and capital market