Human resources management and Internal control department

Zakir Jalal oglu Naziyev – Head of Human Resources Department of Azerbaijan Cooperation University.

  He was born on October 26, 1949 in the village of Buyuk Beyler, Marneuli district, Republic of Georgia. In 1966, he graduated from the No. 1 Marneuli Azerbaijan secondary school with a gold medal, and in 1970, he graduated from the Azerbaijan Institute of National Economy named after D. Bunyadzade (currently Azerbaijan State University of Economics) with an honors diploma. By appointment, he was sent to the Khachmaz department of the Azerbkurorttrade Department of the Ministry of Trade and worked in this organization in 1970-1973, and in 1973, on the basis of the presentation of the former Khachmaz District Party Committee, he was transferred to the cooperative system by order of the Azerittifaq and became the deputy chairman of the Board of Directors of the Khachmaz District consumer society – the head of the trade department. is assigned. He was in active military service in 1974-1975. After completing his military service, he worked for a short time in the previous organization. In 1976, he moved to Baku and was employed in the Central Apparatus of the Azerbaijan Union. In 1976-2013, he worked in this organization as a senior commodity expert, head of department, deputy head of the General Department, head of the Personnel and Organization Department, head of the Office of the Management Board. He is a member of the Council of Azerittaq. In 2000-2013, he was a member of the Board of Directors of Azerittifaq. For his services in the development of the cooperation, he was awarded by the Board of Directors of the Azerittifaq with the badges of the Excellence of Cooperation and Honorary Cooperator badges. By the decision of the Management Board of Azerittifaq dated November 12, 2013, the Internal Control Service was established in the structure of Azerbaijan Cooperation University, and by order of the Chairman of Azerittifaq, Zakir Naziyev was appointed as the head of this service from January 7, 2014.

Department of Human Resources Management and Internal Control (hereinafter referred to as the “Department”) was established by the order of the Rector of the University No. 241 dated December 26, 2018, is a structural unit of the University and is directly subordinated to the Rector of the University. The department was created on the basis of “Internal control service” and “Personnel department”. In its activity, the Department is guided by the Labor Code of the Republic of Azerbaijan, other laws and normative legal acts, the University’s charter, the decisions of the Scientific Council, the rector’s orders and instructions, and the current Statute. The department interacts with other structural units of the university in the process of fulfilling the functions defined by this Regulation.

The main tasks of the department are as follows: development of the necessary internal normative-methodological documents on the human resources planning process of the university, their improvement in accordance with international practice; implementation of the recruitment process at the university in accordance with the relevant rules and standards, continuous and operative activity in the direction of completing the existing vacancies, providing the university with the necessary number and quality of human resources; activity on researching the market of labor resources and attracting relevant personnel in accordance with the defined employee needs; organization of recruitment contests, preliminary selection and interviews, preparation of orientation programs for new employees; implementation of human resources planning and recruitment programs and projects; preparation of various reports on the department’s activity and implementation of the tactical plan, performing other current tasks; research and selection of local and international training programs for the purpose of organizing education; establishment of mutual business relations and attraction of resources with international education suppliers, universities of developed countries and various sources of education; organizing the process of education and development of employees in the university and outside the university, for this purpose, conducting organizational measures and relevant documentation; organization of career planning process of employees; evaluation of positions in the university based on relevant criteria and classification by categories; preparation of a normative document that establishes the forms and criteria for evaluating the activities of university employees; organization and control of the assessment for all university staff within the specified period, analysis of the results of the assessment process and preparation of relevant reports; carrying out regular educational work, exchange of information and surveys with the heads of structural departments in order to determine the factors that will affect the efficiency of university employees; preparation of normative documents containing material and non-material motivational mechanisms aimed at increasing the efficiency of university employees’ activities; preparation of proposals in the direction of strengthening the social security of university employees; preparation of proposals for further improvement and adaptation of salary, performance evaluation and motivation procedures at the university to international standards; formalizing orders on recruitment, transfer to another job and dismissals, drawing up labor contracts, making additions and changes to them, conducting documentation on the application of measures on employee motivation and disciplinary sanctions; conducting personal affairs and personnel accounting forms of university employees, making changes related to labor activities; reception, filling, storage of work books and opening of new work books; in connection with the university management, to ensure the preparation of job instructions for the staff units of all structures by the heads of those structures, to control their content and form in accordance with ISO quality standards; control the effective use and development of employees for the purposes of the university, protection of the rights and privileges of employees in structural units; preparation of proposals for the formation, management and automation of the information base on human resources; implementation of programs and projects on the creation of an automated information system for human resources; compilation of statistical reports on human resources and timely submission to appropriate places; preparing reports and information on the department’s activities, performing other current tasks; entering into the system information on university employees’ salaries, loss of working abilities, vacations and business trips; determining the staffing needs of structural units according to the university’s staff schedule and providing them with staff with the required professions and qualifications based on this need; prevention and resolution of conflicts that may arise with the employee’s head of the structural unit and other employees, as well as conducting preventive works and preparing and implementing preventive measures with the aim of increasing employee satisfaction; elimination of defects found in accordance with the law and the labor contract; determining the rules for the preparation, training and development of the sustainable development strategy of the personnel based on the resources of the university, as well as the assessment of the demand for professional development and monitoring the conduct of the courses organized on the basis of the university’s resources; to formalize the compatibility of professional and professional degrees of employees based on the evaluation of official employee performance conducted by the management, to organize the attestation of employees, if necessary, and to participate in the work of the commissions to be established in the university in this field; analysis of the number and quality composition of personnel, as well as the annual movement and preparation of proposals to the management in this field; preparation of materials for awarding employees, bringing them to financial and disciplinary responsibility; preparation of relevant documents on pension and their submission to social security bodies; preparation of tabular accounting and work leave schedule, formalization of next and additional vacations, as well as social vacations according to the approved schedule; preparation of the election schedule for holding elected positions; calculation of seniority and maintenance of documents specified for personnel, issuing certificates on labor activities of employees; control of the state of labor discipline in structural units and compliance of internal rules by workers; considering applications and complaints related to employment, transfer to another position, release and violation of labor legislation and resolving the issues within the scope of duties;