HumanItIes ScIences ChaIr

Nizami Jalal oglu Maharramov – Head of Azerbaijan Cooperation University, Doctor of Philosophy in Philology, Associate Professor.

Maharramov Nizami Jalal oghlu was born on August 12, 1951 in the village of Karimbeyli, Babek district of Nakhchivan MR. In 1958 he entered secondary school, in 1968 he graduated from Nakhchivan city secondary school No. He completed his studies in 1973 and was appointed as a Persian language teacher at secondary school No. 1 in Nakhchivan city, and in 1976-1978 he worked as a deputy director of that school. In 1978-1981, he was a fighter-interpreter in the 4th and 15th tank brigades of the Ministry of Defense of Afghanistan in the Republic of Afghanistan. From 1982 to 1984, he worked as a chief laboratory assistant at the Institute of Manuscripts of ANAS, and from 1984 to 1988, he worked as a translator at KEK of Afghanistan. From 1988 to 2002, he worked as a researcher at the Institute of Manuscripts. From September 2002 to September 2004, he taught at BSPT. From September 2004, he worked as a senior lecturer at the History Department of Azerbaijan Cooperation University, and from 2014 to 2016, he worked as the head of that department. Since 2016, he has been the head of the Department of Humanities. Doctor of philosophy in philology, associate professor. More than 20 scientific, artistic and journalistic articles were published in domestic and foreign press (in Azerbaijani and Persian languages). He is the author of Sharafeddin Rami Tabrizi and his monograph entitled Haqayiq-ul-Hadayiq, one of the translators of Mir Mohsen Nawwab’s Tazkireyi Nawwab, and co-author of Political Science: Encyclopedic Dictionary. He is a war veteran, a reserve captain. He was awarded 1 (one) order and 5 (five) medals of the USSR and the Republic of Afghanistan for his participation in military operations. In 1995, he made a scientific report at the symposium of World Orientalists held in Iran. Assoc. N. Maharramov is the author of the Multiculturalism introduction (undergraduate level), Azerbaijan multiculturalism (master’s level) educational programs and Multiculturalism and tolerance textbooks for higher school students. He co-authored “Methodological instructions on conducting scientific research and scientific-pedagogical experiments” and “Methodological instructions on the content, structure and defense of the Master’s dissertation work” in 2019, and “Methods of performing scientific-research works” (methodical instruction) in 2022.

In 1970-1992, chair, which operated under the name “Social Sciences”, was headed by Professor S.I. Safarov. In 1992-1994, the chair was headed by associate professor B. Ch. Cherkazov. In 1994-2000, the name of the chair was called “Humanities” and the chair was headed by associate professor Z.Maliyev. In 2001-2007, the chair was called “Economic history” and the chair was headed by associate professor A.A. Dilbazova. In 2007, the chair was called the “History” chair, and the chair was headed by associate professor Z.Maliyev until September 2014. Since September 2014, currently the chair, Assoc. Nizami Jalal oglu Maharramov is in charge. Since 2016, the chair has been renamed “Humanities”. “History of Azerbaijan”, “Introduction to Multiculturalism”, The subjects “Financial and economic law in the business sphere”, “Business law”, “Legal regulation of business”, “Law in public administration”, “Tourism law” are taught. The teachers of our chair regularly participate in scientific conferences, publish theses and scientific articles in various newspapers and magazines. In connection with the social, economic and political development in our country, relevant changes were made in the educational program with the participation of the department staff. The teachers of the chair conduct lectures and seminars based on the approved teaching-calendar plan. At present, the professor-teacher staff of the department consists of 14 people. Among them, 1 person is a professor, 2 people are associate professors, 4 people are doctor of philosophy in history, 1 person is a doctor of philosophy in law, 4 people are senior teachers, and 2 people are teachers.

Assoc. professor Maharramov Nizami Jalal oglu (Head of the chair)
Professor Mammadov Khagani Mammad oglu
Assoc. professor Gasimov Adalat Gasim oglu
T.f.d Aliyeva Aynur Ramiz gizi
T.f.d Aliyeva Vusala Zakir gizi
T.f.d Aslanli Gunel Mobil gizi
T.f.d Nasirova Sevinj Akif gizi
H.f.d Hatamov Bakhtiyar Husen oglu
Head teacher Valiyev Akif Nusrat oglu
Head teacher Mammadov Nizami Ajdar oglu
Head teacher Shelemanov Emil Astan oglu
Head teacher Malikov Balabey Aghammed oglu
Teacher Hatamova Jala Nizami gizi
Teacher Karimova Sevinj Kahraman gizi

Basics of archival work
Protection of archival documents
ARK and basics of law
History of Azerbaijani culture – 1
History of Azerbaijani culture – 2
Azerbaijani museums History of Azerbaijan
History of urban planning of Azerbaijan
International trade law
International economic law
Business law
Civil service
World museums – 1
World museums – 2
Ecological law
Administrative law
Introduction to specialization
Economic law
History and theory of the cooperative movement
History of household and clothing
Introduction to multiculturalism
Fundamentals of museum work
Museum and archival source studies.
History of the region
Preservation of historical and cultural monuments
Fine art history
Tourism law

Azerbaijan multiculturalism
International customs law
International trade law
Financial and economic law in the business sphere
Business law
Legal regulation of business
Law in public administration
Tourism law