InformatIon and CommunIcatIon TechnologIes Department

Seymur Ahad oglu Ramazanov – Head of ICT Department of Azerbaijan Cooperation University

Seymur Ahad oglu Ramazanov was born on March 11, 1996 in Baku.
In 2013, he graduated from the humanitarian sciences gymnasium named after S.C.Pishavari, and in the same year entered the Finance department of the Finance Faculty of the Azerbaijan Cooperation University.
In 2017, he graduated from the university with honors.
In 2017, he entered the master’s degree of the Azerbaijan Cooperation University, majoring in Enterprise Economics.
In the same year, he was appointed as the head of the Department of Information Communication Technologies of the Azerbaijan Cooperative University.
He graduated with honors in 2019.
On 04.05.2020, he took military leave and went to military service. He completed his military service on 18.07-2021 after military service in the Ministry of Defense and the State Border Service.
After returning from service, he was reinstated and is currently performing his duties.
In 2022, he was admitted to the software engineering major at Azerbaijan State University of Economics and continues his education.
He has been a socio-political activist since 2011. In 2011 – 2013, during his studies at the humanitarian sciences gymnasium named after SCPishavari, he participated in regional and national level events and won various awards. From 2014 until today, he is the deputy chairman of the Student Youth Organization of the institution where he studied. Baku city and the republic has been the organizer and participant of many important events. With the signature of the Minister of Youth and Sports of the Republic of Azerbaijan, he was awarded twice for his activity in the implementation of the State Youth Policy in the country. in general, during his social and political activities, he was awarded 11 honorary degrees, 5 diplomas and 3 certificates by the relevant state bodies and non-governmental organizations. Since 2013, he is an active member of the New Azerbaijan Party and the Youth Union of the New Azerbaijan Party, which operates within the Party. He is the author of 2 scientific articles.
Since 2015, he has participated in Information Technologies, Network, Designer, Web Developer, Computer Engineering seminars and courses and acquired various knowledge.

Access to the international information network of the university is provided by its connection to the Internet network. For this purpose, the Department of Information and Communication Technologies was established in 2012 at the University. The ICT department provides the application of information technologies in the University, a single electronic network system and access to the international network. The university’s access to the international information network through the Internet has enabled students, professors and other employees to receive international scientific conferences, symposia, and research information. Domestic and foreign correspondence, obtaining information, electronic signature, international scientific research and book exchange at the university became possible as a result of this system. Websites of the university and individual structural units, e-mail address and e-mail make it possible to obtain educational-scientific information in the international world. Access to the international information network of the university has a positive effect on the international experience and outlook of students and employees. All structural units, including library, reading room have modern computer technologies. Students have 161 computers connected to the Internet. The opportunities of the Internet network are widely used in book exchange and educational and scientific work of employees. The ICT department of the university deals with the supply of modern electronic information tools to the classrooms, laboratories and auditoriums. Professors and teachers use the electronic system to write textbooks, teaching aids, and articles, and students use the electronic system to write coursework and master’s dissertations.