Faculty of Management

Nadir Tofig oghlu Karimov – Dean of the Faculty of Management of Azerbaijan Cooperation University, Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor.

Karimov Nadir Tofig was born in 1953 in the city of Ganja. In 1970, he entered the Azerbaijan Polytechnic Institute, and in 1975, he graduated from that institute and received the qualification of engineer-technologist.
In 1989, he defended his candidate’s thesis on the improvement of the quality of frozen fruits in the Odessa Institute of Food Industry Technology 05.18.13 – in the specialty of food product technology, and received the degree of candidate of technical sciences. In 2009, he was awarded the title of associate professor by the Higher Attestation Commission under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan. He is the author of 25 articles, 6 educational programs, 1 methodological instruction and 1 book (teaching material). He has 24 years of scientific and pedagogical activity. From October 2002 to September 2010, NT Karimov was the head of the Department of Standardization and Technology at AKU, from September 2010 he was the head of the Part-time Department, and from September 2015 he was the dean of the Faculty of Management.

Dean, deputy dean, tutor, chief methodologist work in the deanery of the Faculty of Management. The dean heads the scientific council of the faculty, organizes the supervision of students’ independent work, creates conditions for their scientific activity, is responsible for conducting the examination process objectively, transparently and in accordance with existing students. The professor working at the faculty supervises the work of increasing the qualifications and retraining of the teaching staff, holding scientific conferences and seminars, and the work of all teaching assistants at the faculty. Student Youth Organization, Student Scientific Society operate in the faculty. The influence of these organizations is very great in the faculty. They are active participants of intra-University and Republic level events.

Number of students studying at the faculty: 255
Number of teachers teaching at the faculty: 30 (30 teachers are candidates of sciences, docents)
Annual course load for the faculty: 5280 hours.

050409 – Business management
050410 – State and municipal management

Business organization and state and municipal management” department
“Economic theory” department
“Foreign language” department

IV floor, room 402
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Internal phone: 213, 116