MathematIcs ChaIr

Rashid Jabbar oglu Gasimov – head of the Chair of Mathematics of Azerbaijan Cooperation University, candidate of physics-mathematical sciences, associate professor.

Gasimov Rashid Jabbar was born in 1950 in the city of Tovuz. In 1968, he entered Azerbaijan State University, in 1971 he was transferred to Lomonosov Moscow State University, and in 1975 he graduated from the latter university. In 1975, he started working at the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences, in 1978-1981 he entered postgraduate studies at the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, where he prepared and defended his candidate’s thesis. In 1982, he received the scientific degree of candidate of physics-mathematical sciences. In 1989, he received the title of senior scientific worker. In 1982-1989, he worked as a senior researcher at ANAS. In 1989-1991,he worked as a senior lecturer at the Sumgayit Higher Technical Institution (now Sumgayit State University), and from 1991 he became a senior lecturer at the current Azerbaijan Cooperation University. Since then, he has been working at this university. He has been working as a assosiate professor since 1995.
R.Gasimov was elected as the head of the “Mathematics”chair from 2008 and was re-elected to that position in 2013 and 2022.
R.Gasimov is the author of more than 90 scientific articles, 5 textbooks, numerous programs. His articles were published in the former USSR and in foreign periodical scientific press. R.Gasimov cooperated in the State Commission for Student Admission of the Republic of Azerbaijan (since 2003) for up to 20 years. For his work in this institution, he was awarded the “Decree of Honor” of the institution in 2012 on the occasion of the 20-year anniversary of TQDK in 2018.He is married, has two daughters and five grandchildren.

Since 2003, the chair has separated from the department of general technical subjects and started to operate independently. Currently, two professors, three associate professors and four senior teachers work in the chair. One of them is a doctor of sciences, five are candidates of sciences. The teachers of the chair have compiled programs covering all specialties on the basis of the Standard proposed by the Ministry of Education, which were published by the decision of the Scientific and Methodological Council. Based on those programs, six teaching aids were written and printed by the teachers of the chair. Three of them were published under the seal of the Ministry of Education. The employees of the chair are well-known experts in their fields who have performed scientific research in various fields of mathematics, mechanics and theoretical physics.

These areas are:
Solving a system of linear integro-differential equations with special derivatives.
Minimality of decreasing elementary solutions of homogeneous equations of the second form elliptic type.
Model operator evaluation for second order elliptic parabolic equations.
Study of the impact stress on an elastic membrane.
Dynamical symmetry group of a relativistic two-dimensional harmonic oscillator.
Study of nanoparticles by EPR method.
The scientific results obtained by the staff of the chair can be used both in the educational process and in solving many practical issues, including solving environmental problems.

Assoc.Professor Gasimov Rashid Jabbar oglu (head of the chair)
Assoc.Professor Guliyeva Fatima Aghayar gizi
Prof. Sharifov Yagub Amican oglu
Assoc.Professor Garayev Polad Murtuzali oglu
Assoc. Professor Balayev Mehdi Gadim oglu
Head teacher Hasanov Avaz Mahammad oglu
Head teacher Efendiyev Mejal Yusif oglu
teacher Nabiyeva Aytaj Amiraslan gizi

Mathematics – 1
Mathematics – 2
Mathematical analysis
Mathematical logic
Higher mathematics
Applied mathematics
Business mathematics
Differential equations
Discrete mathematics
Linear algebra and mathematical analysis
Linear algebra and analytic geometry
Mathematical methods in management
Mathematical methods in social work
Probability theory and mathematical statistics