SocIal ScIences ChaIr

Gulnara Ibrahim gizi Gurbanova – Head of the Chair of Social Sciences of Azerbaijan Cooperation University, Doctor of philosophy in Philology, associate professor.

She was born on July 16, 1962 in Baku. She received secondary education at school No. 13. In 1979-1983, she received higher education in the field of philology at Azerbaijan Pedagogical Institute (currently Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University). She started teaching in 1985. In 2014, she defended his scientific work on “The role of pronouns and tens in Turkish languages in text creation”. In 2016, the position of docent was approved by AAK.
In 2014, she was awarded the “Progress” medal by the presentation of the University administration. She is the editor-in-chief of the monthly socio-political newspaper “Bizim Gazet” of the Azerbaijan Cooperation University, the author of monographs, textbooks and dozens of programs. She regularly publishes articles in the republican press.She is married and has 2 children.

The “Social Sciences” chair of the Azerbaijan Cooperation University was established on the basis of the “Philosophy and Psychology” department by order No. 228 of October 4, 2021 and is currently operating.The potential of the department – full-time professor – teaching staff – 14 people, including 1 professor, 7 associate professors, 4 head teachers, 2 teachers, 1 head laboratory technician. In the “Social Sciences” department, social work specialties are taught in Azerbaijani and Russian languages.
Specializations that the department conducts staff training at the bachelor’s level of education:
050813 – “Social work”
050203 – “Translation”
050209 – “Psychology”
050108 – “Social-psychological service in education”

Specializations that the department conducts staff training at the master’s level of education:

060805-“Improving the labor and life activity of the population”
060805-“Social protection of the population”

Textbooks and teaching aids prepared in the department:

“Social Security: Liberal and Dirigist economic systems” RSAbdullayeva (2018)
Social and cultural problems of education in the modern era” MHNazarov (2018)
” General basics of culture and education” MHNazarov (2016)
“Pedagogical technologies” MHNazarov (2020)
“Azerbaijan Turkish philosophical and social history (19th-20th centuries)” FQalakbarov (2020)
“Introduction to Turanian civilization: Turanian ideology and deity” FQalakbarov (2021) )

scientific research works of the department:
Monographs, articles, theses, conference materials, textbooks and teaching aids prepared by the teachers of the department are published in the Republic and foreign press. “Pedagogical Technologies”, “Pedagogical Logic” (co-authored with A. Hasanov), “General Basics of Culture and Education” (co-authored with A. Babayeva), “Philosophy of Education”, “Sociocultural Basics of Education” Socio-cultural foundations of education in the modern era” monographs are the product of the author’s creative pursuits. M. Nazarov’s scientific studies and high-level research works, textbooks and materials on current topics have been published in several European countries and are known internationally. According to the textbook “Socio-cultural problems of education in the modern period” published in more than 10 countries of Europe, the teacher of the department, associate professor Muslum Nazarov, was awarded the “Gold Medal”. Docent M. Nazarov is the author of textbooks and teaching aids, dozens of articles and programs.
Professor Rasmiyya Abdullayeva’s article “Building an innovative economy in Karabakh” was published in the materials of the international conference “Building a new economy in Karabakh: development impulses from Aghdam” and the article “Social benefits of digitalization” was published in the journal “Modern Problems of Social Sciences” (SCOPUS, Turkey-Malta).
Professor R. Abdullayeva’s book “Development of social entrepreneurship in Azerbaijan” was prepared within the framework of the grant competition for the financing of “Education, science, research and support” projects of the Small and Medium Business Development Agency of the Republic of Azerbaijan. The book is dedicated to the study of social entrepreneurship, which has been developing rapidly in the world in recent years. In the book, the current situation of social entrepreneurship in the world and in Azerbaijan is analyzed in a comparative manner, the improvement of the organizational and legal foundations of social entrepreneurship in our country, as well as the development directions of this field are determined. This book is considered interesting and useful for economists as well as decision-makers in the field of socio-economic policy.
Professor R.Abdullayeva’s monograph entitled “Social security: in liberal and dirigist economic systems” provides the theoretical basis of the social security system and directions of state regulation of the social security system. The social security systems in the liberal and dirigist systems were analyzed in detail. For the first time, the level of liberality of the social security system was measured. The directions of regulation of the social security system in Azerbaijan have been indicated. The book is intended for scientific workers, university teachers, students, doctoral students and a wide readership.
The teacher of the department, associate professor Faig Alekbarovu, is the author of the three-volume “History of Azerbaijani Turkish Philosophical and Social Thought”. In 2021, F. Alekbarov’s article “Nation, Religion and Modernization Issues in Jalil Mammadguluzade’s Worldview” was published in the Scientific and Practical Journal of the Academy of Labor and Social Relations. The author’s article entitled “Social-philosophical and socio-political meetings of Abdullah Shaikh” was published in the “State and Religion” collection of public opinion. F. Alekbarov’s article “Analysis of Azerbaijani Turkish history of philosophy in scientific works and teaching” was published in “Teaching of Modern Philosophy: Methodology, Theory and Practice” magazine.
F. Alekbarov’s monograph “Social-philosophical meetings of Mammad Amin Rasulzade: national solidarity and Azerbaijaniness” published in 2022, a series of monographs written in 2022 with MP Ganira Pashayeva – “Sun and moon rising from Karabakh: Khurshidbanu Natavan, Fatma khanim” Kamin”, “From one country to another country: Almas Yıldırım”, “Word banner of the Turkish soul: Ahmet Javad” were published in Turkey and Uzbekistan and presented to a wide readership.

Assosiate professor Qurbanova Gulnara İbrahim gizi (head of chair)
professor Abdullayeva Rasmiyya Sabir gizi
Assosiate professor Nazarov Muslum Hatam oglu
Assosiate professor Mammədova Sadaqat Kamal gizi
Assosiate professor Alakbarov Faiq Qazanfar oglu
Assosiate professor Hasanli Elşad Aghahuseyn oglu
Assosiate professor Aliyeva Firuza Nuru gizi
Assosiate professor Gozalova Solmaz Muxtar gizi
head teacher Barxudarov Burzu Barxudar oglu
head teacher Agayeva Madina Alishirvan gizi
head teacher Niftalıyev Telman Alimusa oglu
head teacher Mehdiyeva Nushaba Zahir gizi
Mammadzada Fəxriyya Azulla gizi
Fataliyeva Rufana Rizvan gizi
Ağayeva Madina Alishirvan gizi

Social pedagogy
Theory and practice of social work
Social policy
Ethical principles in social work practice
Theory of healthy behavior
Influence of socio-economic environment on social work
Social programs and social services
Mental health
Case management
Social assistance system in Azerbaijan
Refugees and IDPs work
Gender and society Social
Work with individuals, groups and families
Research methods in social work
Globalization and international social work
Social political analysis and lobbying
Contemporary social issues
Social work with organizations and communities Social work with the elderly
Social work with children, adolescents and fifties
Social partnership
Basics of psychology
Child anatomy, physiology and hygiene
Anatomy and physiology of the central nervous system (CNS)
Political psychology
General psychology-4
General psychology-5
General psychology-6
Developmental and age psychology
Communication psychology
Experimental psychology
Special psychology
Psychological service in extreme conditions
Management psychology
Clinical psychology Psychology ofcreativity Work psychology Psychological problems of gender Fundamentals of political science Tourist behavior and psychology Introduction to social research

Higher school pedagogy
Sociology and psychology of labor
Modern problems of social work
History and methodology of social work
Introduction to social work
Social philosophy
Social pedagogy
State regulation of social security
Human behavior in the social environment
Theory and practice of social work
Gender issues in social work