StatIstIcs and Customs ChaIr

Sarkhan Yunus oglu Abdulov – Head of the Chair of Statistics and Customs of Azerbaijan Cooperation University, assosiate professor

He graduated from BSU in 1978 and was assigned to the State Security Service. He worked in various positions until 2007 and headed the BSSI for several years. He was awarded with the honorary decree of Baku City Executive power. He has been teaching since 2007. Since 1978, he has taught hourly calculations in different higher education institutions. He is the author of 1 textbook and many scientific articles. He was selected head of the Department of Statistics and Customs Affairs.

The chair was established in 2001. The annual teaching load of the department was 1,268.6 hours due to known reasons (decrease in student enrollment). All the teachers in the department have a scientific degree and a scientific title. Since the department does not have a graduation chair, course work and industrial experience are not performed. The conducted subjects have programs. The department has a library with rich literature on relevant subjects, written and electronic versions of lecture texts. The department operates in connection with Finance and banking, World economy, Economic theory and economics and MM and HFT departments.

Associate Professor Abdulov Sarkhan Yunus oghlu – head of chair
Associate Professor Taghiyeva Mehriban Karam gizi
Associate Professor Asadov Adalat Mahyeddin oglu
Associate Professor Gurbanov Parviz Ahmed oglu
Teacher Hajiyeva Shahnaz Eldeniz gizi
Chief Laboratory Assistant Feizullayeva Basdi Sahib gizi

Organization of customs work
Customs expertising
Income and salary policy
Business statistics

Customs expertising of goods
Organization and improvement of expertising activities in the state customs system
Customs expertising of food products and its improvement
Basics of customs expertising
Strategic management in production and service areas
Strategic management in enterprises
Nomenclature of non-food products and technology of customs control
Customs expertising of non-food products and its improvement
Herbal origin customs expertising of agricultural products Production strategy
Organization and improvement of expertising activities in the state customs system
Customs expertising of agricultural products of animal origin
Expertise of imported and exported oil products
Customs expertising of cultural household goods
Production process planning and management
Nomenclature of food products and technology of customs control