ChaIr of StandardIzatIon and Technology

Guliyev Arshad Yunis oglu – Head of the Chair of Standardization and Technology of Azerbaijan Cooperation University, Doctor of Philosophy in Agrarian Sciences

Guliyev Arshad Yunis oglu was born on January 12, 1966 in the village of Garavalli, Aghjabedi district. From 1972 to 1982, he studied at the secondary school of that village. In 1982, he entered the “Zoom Engineer” faculty at the Azerbaijan Agricultural Institute named after S.Agamali oglu, and graduated in 1987, receiving the “Zoom Engineer” specialty.
In 1987, he started working in Agjabedi district agrarian-industrial union as a service engineer. He started his scientific activity since 1989. So, from the same year, he worked first as a chief laboratory assistant, and then as a scientific worker at the Azerbaijan Research Animal Husbandry Institute.
In 1996, at the All-Russian Institute of Animal Husbandry, he defended his thesis and received the degree of Candidate of Agricultural Sciences.
In 2013, after re-attestation at the Higher Attestation Commission of the Republic of Azerbaijan, he was awarded the scientific title of Doctor of Philosophy in Agrarian Sciences.
In 1996-2001, he worked in various positions in the private sector. In 2002, he worked as a supervisor-inspector in the Certification and Expertise chair of the Baku City Consumption and Service Department.
In 2005-2015, he worked as an hourly teacher at the “Food Products Technology” department of the Azerbaijan State University of Economics.
Since 2019, he has worked as a senior lecturer at the Azerbaijan Cooperation University “Standardization and Technology” chair. The head of that chair was elected from October 2022.
He is the author of 20 scientific works, 1 program and 1 book. His scientific works have been published in local and foreign journals.
He is married and has 2 sons.

The chair of “Standardization and technology” of the Azerbaijan Cooperation University was created as a result of the separation of the chair of “Commodity Studies” according to the order No. 92 dated June 1, 2001.
The potential of the chair:
full-time professor – teaching staff – 12 people, 1 of them is a doctor of science, professor, 7 associate professors, 3 head teachers, 1 teacher, 1 head of the laboratory, 1 head laboratory assistant
050707-“Sarabshilig” and 050647-“Metrology, standardization and certification engineering”
The chair conducts personnel training at the master’s level of education:
060647 – “Metrology, standardization and certification engineering” specialty (“Standardization and certification”, “Metrology and metrological assurance” specializations)
060642 – “Food products engineering” specialty (“Winemaking and fermentation technology”, “Food safety”, ” “Technology of canned food and food concentrates” specializations)
Textbooks and teaching aids prepared in the chair:
Aslanov ZY, Rajabov I.S. Ismayilov KA Fundamentals of metrology. Textbook. “Europe” Publishing House of ANAS Baku, 2019, 426 pages

V.S. Mikayilov Processing technology of grape products. Textbook. Baku, “Kooperasiya” publishing house, 2018, 240 pages. V.S. Mikayilov, EBFarzaliyev. General technology of food products. Textbook, “Cooperation” publishing house, 2018, 832 pages

V.S. Mikayilov Vodka type drinks technology. Textbook. Baku, “Cooperation” publishing house, 2016, 320 pages. EBFarzaliyev and others Technology of canned food and food concentrates “Iqtisad University” publishing house, 2019. – 181 p.

EBFarzaliyev dictionary of technological terms on the specialty “Food engineering”. Baku, Turkhan NPB, 2020. – 256 p.

EBFarzaliyev and others Technology of milk and milk products Textbook. Baku, Turkhan NPB, 2021. – 212 p.

Associate professor Guliyev Arshad Yunis oglu (head of the chair)
associate professor Mikayilov Vugar Shahbaba oglu
associate professor Sailov Rahib Aghagul oglu
associate professor Habullayev Shahin Asadulla oglu
associate professor Seyidaliyev Ilham Mahammad oglu
senior associate professor Ismayilov Kamil Arif oglu
associate professor Karimov Nadir Tofig oglu
associate professor Farzaliyev Elsever Baba oglu
associate professor Rajabov Ilgar Saleh oglu
Head teacher Abbasov Iqbal Ali oglu
Head teacher Taghiyev Azer Tapdig oglu
Teacher Baloglanova Konul Vugar gizi

Food refrigeration technology
Processes and devices of food technology
Technological design of food industry enterprises
Coding of consumer goods
Technology of new forms of food products
Refrigeration technology of food products
Standardization and certification of consumer goods
Standardization and certification
Design of field enterprises
Wool pre-processing
Garment production technology
Textile technology
Production technology of knitwear
Production technology of skin and leather products
Management of technological processes
Equipment of field enterprises
Food microbiology
Food biotechnology
General technology of consumer goods production 1, 2
Wine technology 1,2,3
Wine chemistry
Microbiology of wine
Introduction to specialization
Technology of fruit and berry wines
Technology of functional drinks
World winemaking
Analytical methods in winemaking
Wine tourism

Legal guarantee of quality and certification
Normative methodical guarantee of certification.
Technical diagnostics
Accreditation of standardization bodies and testing laboratories.
Quality assurance in industrial enterprises.
International and regional certification systems.
Quality audit and methodology
Engineering rheology of food production
Advanced methods of food production and storage
Food adulteration and identification
Fundamentals of food technology
Functional food technology
Screening and packaging
Raw material and food product research methods
Quality and safety of food products in the technical regulatory system
Tasting evaluation of food products
Zero-waste technologies in the use of winemaking and fermentation products
Consumer goods standardization and certification
Microbiology and epidemiology in the field of nutrition
History and methodology of multi-process goods technology engineering
Modern problems of technology engineering of multi-processed goods
Technology of production of sewing products
Technology of textile materials