TranslatIon ChaIr

Hafiza Mobil gizi Abdinova – Head of the Translation Chair of Azerbaijan Cooperation University, Doctor of Philosophy in Philology, Associate Professor.

Hafiza Mobil gizi Abdinova was born on September 27, 1974 in Baku. In 1980-1990, she studied at secondary school No. 62 of Nizami district. In 1990-1995, she graduated from the Azerbaijan State University of Languages, majoring in English, French, and English.
In 2005-2010, she wrote his dissertation on the language and style of N. Narimanov’s drama works at Nasimi Institute of Linguistics of the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences. Since 2010, she is a doctor of philosophy in philology. She is the author of a number of articles related to the issues of modern language, English language, stylistics, linguistics, text style. She published 1 monograph and 4 educational programs.

The Chair of Translation has been operating since 2004. The Department of Translation, like other departments, is a scientific-research base at Azerbaijan Cooperation University, and is also an organizational structural unit engaged in teaching activities. The Department of Translation, being a graduation department, prepares specialists in the specialty of Translation. The department consists of 24 people. 2 of them are associate professors, 1 is a doctor of philosophy in philology, 9 are senior teachers, 10 are senior teachers, and 3 are senior laboratory assistants. Subjects The department is teaching the bachelor’s and master’s degrees of higher education. 18 subjects are taught in the department. The teachers of our department regularly participate in scientific conferences, publish various scientific articles, methodical materials, theses. According to the plan, the programs on the subjects taught in the department are reworked and printed every year. There are written programs of all subjects taught at the department. Calendar-thematic plans and individual work plans of teachers for all taught subjects are prepared in accordance with educational standards and educational programs. The seminar of the subjects taught in the department is held in a special laboratory of the department equipped with visual aids and modern technical means. Textbooks, teaching aids, methodical materials for all subjects taught in the Department of Translation have been collected in the University’s extensive library base and made available to students. Thanks to the close relations established by the Department of Translation with appropriate departments of other higher education institutions operating in the country in the field of teaching and scientific research, scientific research exchanges were carried out, and the application of the obtained results to teaching was of great importance. The application of the most modern methods in training by the teaching staff of the department has increased the level of understanding and has led to the further increase of the student’s scientific-world encounter. The department is headed by Associate Professor Ph.D. H.M.Abdinova.

Phd in Phylology Abdinova Hafiza Mobil
head teacher Maharramova Sabina Anvar
head teacher Mustafayeva Rahila Sabir
head teacher Bahlulova Camila Cahangir
head teacher Şahlarova Sevinc Qasham
head teacher Abdullayeva Shafa Alat
head teacher Karimova Naila İsrafil
head teacher Qasımova Azada Hasanalı
Teacher Tağızadə Sevil Sabir
Teacher Hüseynova Vüsala Mazahir
Teacher Hasanova Sima Aydın
Teacher Hüseynova Aytan Abbas
Teacher Hacıyeva Sadaqat Ziya
Teacher Aliyeva Aqila Aqil

Translator’s Writing Skills
Translation and Cross-Cultural Communication Country Studies
Translation of Legal and Court Documents
Basic Translation Skills
Literary Translation
Oral Translation of Written Text
Oral Translation of Economic Texts
Documentation and Terminology
Pronunciation and Oral Speaking Skills
Simultaneous Interpretation
Translation of Medical Texts
Consecutive Translation and Record-Taking Technology
Translation Theory
Professional basics of translation
Academic writing
Translation and comparative stylistics
Listening comprehension and speaking skills

Business English
Foreign language (English)
Psychological foundations of communication
Simultaneous translation
Country literature and history
Translation of economic texts
Comparative stylistics