World Economy ChaIr

Huseynov Mohubbat Musa oglu was born on February 26, 1972 in Imishli district. In 1979-1989, he received secondary education at Aghamammadli village secondary school in Imishli district and served in the military in 1990-1992. In 1993-1998, he received a bachelor’s degree in economics and management of agro-industrial complex at Azerbaijan Cooperation Institute (now Azerbaijan Cooperation University). In 1998-2000, he graduated from that institute with an honors diploma in the field of economy and management of production and services.

In 2001-2006, he was a doctoral candidate of the Azerbaijan Scientific-Research Institute of Agricultural Economy and Organization. In 2007, at the specialized Defense Council of the same institution, he defended his candidate’s thesis on the improvement of the economic mechanism of improving the material well-being of the population under the conditions of the development of entrepreneurship in the field of economy and management of the national economy (agriculture) 08.00.05 and received the degree of candidate of economic sciences. In 1989-1998, he worked in various positions in agriculture, in 2001-2009, he worked as a laboratory assistant, teacher and head teacher at the Azerbaijan Cooperation University. In 2010-2011, he was the head of the chair of Commerce and International Trade of that university. In 2012-2022, he worked as the dean of the Faculty of Expertise and Technology and worked as an associate professor at the Department of Commerce. Since 2022, he has been working as the head of the Department of World Economy. At the same time, in 2012-2021, he was a doctoral student at the Institute of Economics of the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences, and in 2021, after completing his doctoral dissertation on the improvement of the management mechanism of the innovative development of the agrarian field, he became the ED of Azerbaijan State Agrarian University and Azerbaijan Cooperation University, which operates under Azerbaijan State Agrarian University. 2. He successfully defended dissertations in the joint council and by the decision of the Higher Attestation Commission under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, he was awarded the scientific degree of Doctor of Economic Sciences on the specialty 531201¬-“Field Economics”. He is the author of 62 scientific articles and theses, curriculum of 5 subjects, 22 printed pages of the monograph entitled “Directions of the development of entrepreneurship and improvement of the living standards of the population in Azerbaijan”, 19 printed pages of the monograph “Problems of innovative development of the agricultural sphere” and the textbook “Basics of Commercial Activity”. Currently, under his guidance, 1 doctoral student is doing a dissertation on the Ph.D. program. He is a member of the ED 2.42 joint dissertation council of Azerbaijan State Agrarian University and Azerbaijan Cooperation University. he participates in 2-3 national and international conferences every year. He is married and has one child.

The chair was established in 1996. From the day of its establishment until 2022, the chair was headed by Doctor of Economic Sciences, Professor Ganjali Aziz oglu Ganjiyev. From 2022, the chair is headed by Doctor of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor Mohubbat Musa oglu Huseynov. According to the profile of the chair ,scientific-research works are carried out on the improvement of the mechanism of strengthening the influence of the cooperation system on the effective use of the potential of the regions of the Republic of Azerbaijan. A part of the practical results obtained from the research was submitted to the Ministry of Economic Development, an official document was sent to the University about its acceptance and use in various state programs. All teachers of the chair participate in scientific topics on the mentioned problem. In the last 5 years, the teachers of the chair have participated in 12 nationally important conferences. The chair has close relations with the Azerbaijan State University of Economics, the Institute of Economics of the Ministry of Science and Education, and the Center for Economic Reforms. 5 teachers work in the department. Among them, 1 person is a doctor of sciences, professor, 1 person is a doctor of sciences, associate professor, 1 person is a candidate of economic sciences, associate professor, 1 person is a senior teacher, and 1 person is a senior laboratory assisstant and teacher.

Phd in economics, Assoc. professor Huseynov Mohubbat Musa oglu (Head of the chair)
Phd in economics, prof. Guliyeva Aygun Eldar gizi
Assoc.professor Alekbarov Ashraf Rasul oglu
Head teacher Guliyeva Samira Shamseddin gizi
Teacher Jalilova Jamila Ali gizi

Main subjects(bachelor degree)
Transnational corporations
International commercial work
International economic organizations
World economy
International transport operations
Foreign trade relations of Azerbaijan
International economic relations
International economy
Foreign economic policy

Contemporary problems of the world economy.
International economy and regional development.
International investments.
International economy.
Transnational corporations