Inclusive Education and Psychological Service center

Inclusive Education and Psychological Service Center of Azerbaijan Cooperative University, according to the Rector’s Order No. 34 dated February 15, 2023, to ensure the right to education of people with disabilities on an equal level with other people, to ensure their social integration, and at the same time for education was created in order to create a barrier-free environment and eliminate the need for psychological support. To ensure the development process by the Center, which envisages that education is accessible to all and is based on adapting the diverse needs of all young people, as well as ensuring the involvement of young people with disabilities in education, to develop methodologies that recognize that young people are independent individuals and that each of them has their own needs during education. controls.

The center tries to form approaches aimed at meeting various needs during education, to protect social equality in society, and to create conditions for meeting the educational and other special needs of young people with limited health opportunities.

Establishment of cooperation with state institutions, other educational institutions, non-state organizations
Holding meetings with parents of students studying at AKU
Conducting educational trainings and meetings for AKU students
Organization of events to reveal additional talents and special skills of students with disabilities
Organization of participation in various competitions (scientific, cultural, social, etc.), scientific seminars and conferences
Involvement of students with disabilities in interest groups of AKU, support of creative initiatives (organization of exhibitions, competitions)
Involvement of students with disabilities in the work of student organizations of the University
Organizing trips with students with disabilities
Creation of a recreation corner for students with disabilities in the center

Nargiz Valeh gizi Aghayeva – head of the “Inclusive education and psychological service” center of Azerbaijan Cooperation University

Nargiz Valeh gizi Aghayeva was born on October 2, 1991 in the city of Sumgait.
In 2009-2014, he graduated from Sumgayit State University with a bachelor’s degree in teaching Azerbaijani language and literature, and in 2015-2018, he graduated from Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University with a master’s degree in teaching methods and methodology of Azerbaijani language and literature.
Since 2015, he has been working as a laboratory assistant at the “Foreign Languages” department of Azerbaijan Cooperation University. From February 15, 2023, he started working as the head of the “Inclusive education and psychological service” center of Azerbaijan Cooperation University.
He is married. He has 2 children.

Sadagat Kamal gizi Mammadova – psychologist of the “Inclusive education and psychological service” center

He was born on December 25, 1956. He studied at the Faculty of Azerbaijani Language and Literature of the Azerbaijan State Pedagogical Institute (1978-1982). He completed an advanced course in Psychology at the Azerbaijan Teachers’ Institute. In 1995, the Higher Attestation Commission under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan (AAK) awarded him the degree of candidate of philological sciences, and in 2007, he was awarded the scientific title of associate professor. He was the chief bibliographer (1982-1990) at the Central State Library named after M.F. Akhundov, the director of the scientific library of the archive of political parties and social movements (1990-1996). He has been working as an associate professor at the “Philosophy and Psychology” department of the Azerbaijan Cooperation University (since 1996), and since 2021 at the “Social Sciences” department.

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