Master's Department

Nabiyev Amiraslan Mahammad oglu – Head of the Master’s Department of Azerbaijan Cooperation University, Doctor of Philosophy in Physics

He was born in 1970 in Golkend village of Chambarekand (Krasnoselo) district of Western Azerbaijan.In 1977-1987 he graduated from Golkend village secondary school, in 1988-1993 he graduated from Baku State University “Physics” faculty.
In 1997-2001, he worked as a methodologist at the Baku branch of the St. Petersburg Institute of Foreign Economic Relations, Economics and Law. From 2002 to 2014, he was the deputy head of the “Master’s” department at Azerbaijan Cooperation University, and since 2014, he has been the head of that department.
In 2005, A.M. Nabiyev became a doctoral student at the Department of Theoretical Physics of the “Institute of Physics Problems” operating under BSU.
In 2012, he defended in the D.02.012 Dissertation Council at BSU on the topic “Conformational aspects of the structure-function relationships of molecules belonging to the class of hemorphins” in the specialty “Thermal physics and molecular physics”.
The author has published 1 textbook, 1 methodological tool, 1 program and more than 30 scientific articles.
He is married and has 2 children.

The magister department at Azerbaijan Cooperation University has been operating since 1997. The department has three employees. The tutor of the master’s department is Abbasova Firuza Garakhan gizi, and the operator is Safaraliyeva Pari Habil gizi. At the department, graduate students study in 53 specializations in 20 specialties.

060203 – Translation
060401 – World economy
060402 – Accounting and auditing
060403 – Finance
060404 – Economics
060405 – Industrial organization and management
060407 – Management
060408 – Marketing
060409 – Business management
060410 – Public and municipal administration
060401 – Geography
060406 – Commercial geography – Ecology
060642 – Food engineering
060643 – Consumer goods technology engineering
060644 – Consumer goods expertise and marketing
060647 – Metrology, standardization and certification engineering
060803 – Tourism and hospitality
060805 – Social work
Business management (MBA program, teaching in Azerbaijan language)

World economy
Accounting and auditing
Finance and banking
Economics and taxation
Agricultural and industrial economics
Management and trade
Business organization, state and municipal administration Commerce
Ecology and geography
Standardization and technology
Consumer goods expertise
Informatics and UTF
Economic theory
Customs work and statistics
Civil defence

Address: III floor, room 318

Contact number: 561-64-30