General Department

Aliyeva Zohra Shahmar gizi, head of the general department at Azerbaijan Cooperation University.

The general department is an independent structural unit of the University, directly subordinate to the Rector. In its work, the general department is guided by the Constitution of the Republic of Azerbaijan, the Legislative Acts of the Republic of Azerbaijan, the Statute of the University, the orders and instructions of the Ministry of Education and the Rector of the University, as well as the existing instructions on clerical work and this Statute. This Regulation determines the basis of the legal status of the general department of the University, as well as the principles of organizing its activities. The duties, functions, powers and rules of operation of the general department of the University are additionally defined and specified by the orders of the rector of the University and job instructions of the department employees, as well as other local normative documents of the University. The department is responsible for the clerical work of the University and its structural divisions, It is created for the purpose of organizing, methodical management, coordination, control and improvement of the work of the Electronic document circulation system (ESDS). The number of employees and the internal structure of the department are determined by the Rector of the University and approved in the staff schedule.